We are tori !

Posted by jungnam choi on

Hello! friends and families and strangers ( mhm ) 

we are a small business in Austin tx inside hmart. Our business name is Tori, which people assume it's a name of the person? ( some people think i have a daughter name tori, smh i am single ) 

tori comes from the name 도토리 which means acorn in korean. Two reasons, our family we are all tiny like acorn, plus we love chipmunks, and chipmunks love acorn. so we decided to name our store tori, because we imagined you guys are cute as chipmunks, and you guys come to our store to shop like a chipmunk stocking up on acorn. 


We are trying our best to offer you guys the cutest items plus latest kpop merches! follow us on instagram @ kpoptori , and visit us and support us by visiting our website or recommend them to your friends and family ! www.kpoptori.com 

thank you~